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GetCOO | Tomba di Dante e Quadrarco di Braccioforte

Tomba di Dante e Quadrarco di Braccioforte

Built in 1780 by architect Camillo Morigia, this little neoclassical temple houses Dante's bones. Inside the Tomb, a relief of 1483 by Pietro Lombardo situated above the sarcophagus depicts Dante at a reading-desk. In the middle of the temple, an 18th century votive lamp burns olive oil from Tuscan Apennines, an annual gift of the Municipality of Florence on the second Sunday of September for the celebrations of the Poet's death anniversary. To the right of the Tomb, a gate leads into the garden of the so-called Quadrarco di Braccioforte, an ancient oratory hosting two sarcophagi.