Teatro Morlacchi

It is the main theatre of the city, built, from 1778 to 1781, under the spur of Perugia middle classes. It was commissioned to the architect from Perugia Alessio Lorenzini and it opened in 1781 with the name “Teatro del Verzaro”; only later it was entitled to the Peruginian musician Francesco Morlacchi (1774-1841). It was renovated (1874) in its architecture by G. Calderini, its sculpture by R. Angeletti and F. Biscarini and its painting by F. Moretti, M. Tassi, N. Verga and L. Angeloni. M. Piervittori painted the curtain and the ceiling with a wide romantic painting inspired to local history, celebrating the city middle classes. Since 1942 it belongs to the Municipality.