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GetCOO | Teatro Lirico, già della Canobbiana

Teatro Lirico, già della Canobbiana

The Teatro Lirico (known until 1894 as the Teatro alla Canobbiana) is a theatre in Milan. In the 19th and early 20th centuries it was particularly notable for opera performances. The Court Theatre of the Ducal Palace in Milan was destroyed by fire in 1776. With the city deprived of its only theatre,Giuseppe Piermarini was commissioned to design and build two new theatres on land surrounding the Palace. The church of Santa Maria della Scala was demolished to build the Teatro alla Scala. A second theatre was built nearby and was called the Teatro alla Canobbiana. It was inaugurated in 1779 (a little more than year after the opening of La Scala) with an opera buffa and ballet by Salieri.