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GetCOO | Scoletta dei Calegheri

Scoletta dei Calegheri

The Scoletta of Calegheri is an architecture of Venice, located in S. Polo, in Campo S. Tomà, opposite the church of St. Toma and a short walk from the Basilica of St. Mary of the Friars.

This was home, since 1446, date of its building, the headquarters of the brotherhood of Calegheri, Venetian term for "cobblers", founded in 1278. The headquarters of the brotherhood was the liturgical overlooking the church of San Toma (which replaced S . Mary of Charity aDorsoduro). The small school has a simple gabled façade in brick, open to the first floor with two large arched windows, enhanced by some particularly interesting elementiscultorei.