Sarcofago di San Barbaziano | Cattedrale della Resurrezione


In the lateral niches of the chapel of Madonna del Sudore (Virgin of Sweat) there are two monumental sarcophagi standing on lion-paws.
The sarcophagus on the right side is so-called St Barbaziano’s, because it has contained the relics of Galla Placidia’s confessor since 1658. The ark – second half of the 5th century – comes from the destroyed church of St Lorenzo in Cesarea. Five niches decorated by shells on the upper side embellish the front of the sarcophagus: in the central niche, the Redeemer is carved between St Peter with a cross and St Paul with a book and two handle urns are in the extreme niches. On the sides four tripod candlestik are sculpted with lit candles. It is a very uncommon setting in sculpture in Ravenna. The lid is also of a barrel-type and it is adorned on the sides by refined bejeweled crosses, while in the middle there is a garland surrounding Christ’s monogram.