Sarcofago dell'arcivescovo Rinaldo da Concorezzo | Cattedrale della Resurrezione


In the lateral niches of the chapel of Madonna del Sudore (Virgin of Sweat) there are two monumental sarcophagi standing on lion-paws.
The left one, on entering the church, is probably of the first half of the 5th century (420-430) and it was reused to keep archbishop Rinaldo da Concorrezzo’s relics; he lived in Ravenna in the same period of Dante Alighieri; Rinaldo died 25 days before him: on August 18th, 1321. In the front there is Christ on the throne holding an open book as in the scene of God’s judjment. The Redeemer is on a rock under which the four mystic rivers of the Earthly Paradise (Phison, Geon, Tigris, Euphrates) gush out. On the sides St Peters, carrying a cross on his shoulders, and St Paul with veiled hands offering a laurel wreath, symbol of martyrdom and victory. Two date-palms conclude the scene. Stylized clouds start from Christ’s monogram in his halo and give to the scene a delicate natural touch. The lid is of the barrel type, covered by lanceolated leaves.