Rocca Sforzesca

The fortress, a superb example of a fortified architecture of the Medieval and Renaissance period, was founded in the XIII century.

Remains of the antique period can still been seen: the doorway, with a pointed arch, the tower with the dungeons, the suggestive areas of the ground floor, and the terrace from where visitors can take a breath-taking view of the town and the surrounding hills. The original square tower is still visible today emerging from the centre of the round south-west tower.

This fortress was re-modelled between 1472-1448 in order to enforce its defence system against firearms. It was under the rule of the Sforza family, lords of Imola, that part of the walls, the circular corner towers and the embrasures decorated with the coat of arms of the Riario-Sforza family were added. Furthermore a residential area was added, known as the ‘Palazzetto del Paradiso’, which later hosted the prisons between the XVI and XX centuries.

The fortress was re-opened to the public in 1973. It hosts a collection of ceramics and weapons, all restored to their antique splendour, and correlated with clear captions describing the objects.