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GetCOO | Palazzo Stefano Lomellini - Doria Lamba

Palazzo Stefano Lomellini - Doria Lamba

The origin of the building, in the configuration in which it currently stands and which was restored on the occasion of Genoa 2004, can be traced back to the opening of “Via Nuovissima”, nowadays via Cairoli, which had received strong support from the Fathers of the City Council.Indeed, as far back as 1661, Pietro Antonio Corradi was commissioned to present the “Model for a New road to be built between Guastato and “Strada Nuova”. However, it was not until 1777 that a competition was launched for the construction of “Strada Nuovissima”, a natural link between “Strada Nuova” and piazza del Guastato, despite the opposition raised by the Balbi and Brignole families and the church of San Siro.