Palazzo Pretorio

The Eastern section of Piazza del Duomo is overlooked by the bishop's former residence - later called Palazzo Pretorio - and by the Torre di Piazza, also known as Torre Civica, since symbol of municipal power. The tower is currently under renovation, and therefore is not open to visitors. Started in the 11th century, the tower rests on the ruins of the Roman gate or “Porta Veronensis”, which opened onto the via Claudia Augusta and whose remains can still be seen in the archaeological area underneath it.
The current look of the building, which used to be the bishops' residence until the second half of the 13th century, is the result of refurbishing works carried out in the 20th century, when previous adjustments were removed and significantly brought back the Palazzo to its Medieval frame. Since 1963 it has housed the Diocesano Tridentino Museum, whose collections feature important figurative artefacts related to the Council of Trento.