Palazzo Medici

The building, on Lungarno Mediceo began in the 11th century as a casa torre belonging to the nobleman Albizone (o Albitone). Over the centuries it had several owners: the Casapieri, the powerful Appiano family and after 1441, the Medici. In 1539 Cosimo I de’ Medici renovated the rooms without altering its exterior. The first plan to change the facades was in 1545, but modernisation only began in 1550 with what is probably the earliest example in Pisa of ‘kneeling’ windows. Costly Carrara marble was used instead of the more common grey sandstone (Florentine pietra forte). In 1551, after work was completed, a new garden was laid out for Eleonora da Toledo, and in June 1558 she charged .