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GetCOO | Palazzo Gio Carlo Brignole

Palazzo Gio Carlo Brignole

A large portion of the areas on which the palazzo stands and the surrounding areas, closing off Strada Nuova to the west, were not included in the city plan for the road.They were purchased between 1623 and 1626 by Gio. Batta Brignole who, in 1626, engaged the architect Bartolomeo Bianco to build his new residence.We know very little about this building – which had an access from salita Quattro Canti di S. Francesco and a garden alongside the straight stretch of Strada Nuova, in other words in the area of today’s piazza della Meridiana, because the Brignole son and heir, Giovanni Carlo disposed of the adjoining houses of Bernardo di Franchi’s heirs to virtually double the size of the palazzo