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GetCOO | Palazzo Gio Battista Grimaldi

Palazzo Gio Battista Grimaldi

The palazzo Grimaldi in Vico San Luca in Genoa was built in the “Alessian Style” – probably around the end of the Sixteenth Century – by the Lombard architect Andrea Vannone (working between 1575 and 1619) on the commission of Marchese Giovanni Battista Grimaldi.The project consisted of building the residence by amalgamating four existing terraced houses to form a new building. These houses had constituted a commercial arcade, known as vulte grimaldorum, ever since the 13th Century.Palazzo Grimaldi is illustrated in the I Palazzi Moderni of Rubens (1652) and again, amongst old printed sources, is mentioned by Ratti (1780) and Alizeri (1846)