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GetCOO | Palazzo Gio Battista Centurione

Palazzo Gio Battista Centurione

In the case of the Palazzo Battista Centurione later Cambiaso, the restricted size of the lot in terms of depth forced architects Battista and Pier Filippo Cantone to adopt ingenious and unusual solutions. One such solution was the placement of the staircase parallel to the façade with each floor featuring a monumental Serlian window, about two metres from the building on the opposite side of the alley.A layout that would appear to be almost obligatory in similar circumstances, and is in fact repeated in the contemporary palazzo Antoniotto Cattaneo, later Chiavari Belimbau in piazza della Nunziata, even though the staircase is not universally attributed to G. B. Pellegrini and the 18th cent.