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GetCOO | Palazzo Giacomo Lomellini

Palazzo Giacomo Lomellini

Constructed from two houses belonging to the Lomellini family probably in the year 1619 and already included in the second edition of Rubens’s volume on the palaces of Genoa, the building was erected at the behest of one of the most important members of the family: Giacomo Lomellini, doge of the Republic from 1625 to 1627. Appointed doge at a time when the city was under threat of invasion from the Duke of Savoy, Carlo Emanuele I, Giacomo Lomellini distinguished himself for his ability to govern and was hailed as the saviour of the fatherland when the invading army was repulsed. It was probably on this occasion that the painter Domenico Fiasella was asked to decorate the palace halls.