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GetCOO | Palazzo di Parte Guelfa

Palazzo di Parte Guelfa

The Palazzo di Parte Guelfa (also called Palagio di Parte Guelfa) is a historical building in Florence. During the Middle Ages, it was the headquarters of the Guelph party in the city (Parte Guelfa). According to Giovanni Villani's Cronica, in 1267 the Florentine Guelph party did not own a seat, and held its meeting in the church of Santa Maria sopra la Porta. In the early 14th century, a first building was erected near the church, to which, in the following century, a further construction on the modern Via delle Terme and a larger one at the corner with via di Capaccio were added. According to some sources,Filippo Brunelleschi was involved in the design of the hall at the first floor.