Palazzo del Monte di Pietà Nuovo

The palazzo del Monte di Pietà Again is a medieval building which was home to the Monte di Pietà from the 16th century. The fourteenth-century porch holds up an expansion due to Giovanni Maria Falconetto. It differs by being the second seat of the Monte di Pietà, the first was the palazzo del Monte di Pietà old on the Stra' Greater now via Dante.
The Palace was built between the XIII and XIV centuries. Overlooking the square in front of the Cathedral, according to the traditional historiography was owned by the famous usurer Rinaldo Scrovegni in the early fourteenth century suffered a fire and abandoned. With Government principles from Carrara construction entered the circuit of the Palace. At that time is traced the elegant loggiato "fondaco" in white marble that some have attributed to FRA ' Giovanni degli Hermit. With the war of Padova (1404-1405), was the submission of Carrara by the Venetians and, with the annexation of the city in the most Serene Republic, the Palace became the property of the Venetian Government. A fire damaged much of the building in the early 16th century. The facade renovation project was entrusted to the veronese architect Falconetto, active at that time in Padua, who redesigned the building based on the porch with six strings and the perimeter walls survived the fire. The seat of the Monte di Pietà was inaugurated in 1533, while during the next two years were completed the finishing work, including the fresco painted by Domenico Campagnola