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GetCOO | Palazzo Cattaneo Adorno

Palazzo Cattaneo Adorno

The palace is the last batch built on the new road axis of the Via Aurea in the sixteenth century and was commissioned by the cousins Lazzaro and Giacomo Spinola in the years between 1585 and 1588. The building has a unique architecture in Genoa: it consists of two identical properties, placed side by side. The dwelling identified today by the number 10 was already sold in 1609 to Filippo Adorno, whose family still owns it today.The pictorial decoration of the building is due to the patronage of Giovanni Battista Adorno, who in 1624 called Lazzaro Tavarone, a pupil of Luca Cambiaso, to represent the events of the illustrious ancestor Antoniotto Adorno.