Musica Gianni Tassio - Memorial De Andrè

Until February 2010, in the heart of the historic centre of Genoa, no. 29rosso of Via del Campo, made famous by Fabrizio De André in the song of the same name, was home to "Musica Gianni Tassio", the historic music shop that became a "memorial site" for De André’s fans after the Genoese singer-songwriter died on 11 January 1999.Today, the story of this little shrine to the artist continues, and is being relaunched thanks to the Emporio-Museo della Canzone d’Autore Genovese (emporio-museum of Genoese singer-songwriters), in which you can admire original vinyl records, photographs, books, vintage magazines, curiosities, and the "Esteve '97", Fabrizio's old guitar.