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GetCOO | Museo delle Sinopie

Museo delle Sinopie

The premises of the museum are in the ancient Spedale Nuovo, built in mid 13th century, by will of Pope Alexander IV to be a “pellegrinaio” (refuge for pilgrims) to record the reconciliation between Pisa and the Holy See. We owe the Spedale to Giovanni di Simone, by some held to be the architect of the Monumental Cemetery.The building remained part of the hospital until 1969, when it was decided to renovate it and use it as premises for the Museo delle sinopie. In 1944 a grenade shot by American artillery set fire to the roof of the Camposanto. Molten lead poured over the frescos on the walls. At the time it was thought the only remedy to save these paintings was to strip them off the walls