Monumento di Emanuele Filiberto

The Equestrian monument of Emmanuel Philibert rises in the center of the Piazza San Carlo in central Turin, region of Piedmont, Italy.

Bronze monument of Emmanuel Philibert, in Piazza San Carlo.

The monument was completed (1838) in Paris by Carlo Marochetti. The monument was erected by King Charles Albert of Savoy, to commemorate the military prowess of one of an ancestor from his dynasty, Emmanuel Philibert, Duke of Savoy. In the statue, the armored duke with a feathered helmet, astride a prancing horse, sheathes his sword, to signify the military feats he competed. on the base, two bronze bas-reliefs, depict the Battle of St. Quentin (1557) and the other the Treaty of Cateau-Cambrésis. One inscription celebrates the return of Emmanuel Philibert to Savoy.