Monumento ai Caduti

At the end of Memory Park (Parco della Rimembranza), right before the square on the top of Colle di San Giusto, you can admire a large statue honouring soldiers who fell in WWI. Inaugurated before King Victor Emmanuel III and numerous high-ranking fascist officials in 1935, this monument was designed by sculptor Attilio Selva, a Trieste native, while its marble base was created by Enrico del Nebbio, the man behind the famous Foro Italico and the Palace of Farnesina in Rome.
The monument commemorating the fallen soldiers of Trieste represents five men engaged in a dramatic war scene in classic style. Three of them carry a wounded comrade while the fifth soldier protects them with a shield. Overall, the monument is over 5m high, the statues are made of cast iron while white stone from Istria was used for the base. The latter bears the inscription "Trieste / to the fallen soldiers / in the war of liberation / MCMXV - MCMXVIII" where "war of liberation" must be regarded not as the Resistance during WW II but as an idea of Trieste being part of Italy and freed from the Austro-Hungarians, a concept dear to the fascist patriotic nationalism.