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GetCOO | Monumento a Bartolomeo Colleoni

Monumento a Bartolomeo Colleoni

Bartolomeo Colleoni (1395 – 2 November 1475) was an Italian condottiero, who became captain-general of the Republic of Venice, where there is a famous statue showing him on horseback. He is also credited with having refurbished the Roman baths at Trescore Balneario. Colleoni was born at Solza, in the countryside of Bergamo (then part of theDuchy of Milan), where he prepared his magnificent mortuary chapel, theCappella Colleoni, in a shrine that he seized when it was refused him by the local confraternity, the Consiglio della Misericordia. His family was a noble one, exiled with the rest of the Guelphs by the Visconti.