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GetCOO | Il presbiterio | San Vitale

Il presbiterio | San Vitale


A subtle logical and theological argument connects the two lunettes. The lunette on the right represents the two Eucharistic Old Testament sacrifices of Abele and Melchisedek.
The lunette on the left depicts the sacrifice of Abram: in the apparition of the three angels to Abram some of the church fathers correctly saw the Holy Trinity revealed.
In the arch of the apse the archangels Michael and Gabriel hold the symbol of concentric circles and rays radiating from the centre which contains the alpha, symbol of the logos, the creator, or as the gospel of John says, the Word. The portraits of the twelve apostles have Christ at the centre in the splendid decoration of the triumphal arch, the beginning and completion of the cycle of mosaics and of their theological meaning.