Complesso di San Firenze o San Filippo Neri

San Firenze is a huge building built to designs by Francesco Zenobi del Rosso from 1772-5 currently housing the law courts. The two church façades were designed by Ferdinando Ruggieri in 1715. On the left is San Filippo Neri, by Gherardo and Pier Francesco Silvani of 1633-48 and decorated in 1712-14. The looming interior has a ceiling painting by Giovanni Camillo Sagrestini. It's big, tall and baroque but with no aisles, just three huge altars down each side, each with big altarpieces by 18th Century painters you won't have heard of. It's all darkpietra serena with a flat and typically excessive gilded coffered ceiling under an airy clerestory with four plain windows down each side.