Chiesa Parrocchiale di S. Francesco Di Paola

In 840 a church was built on this site dedicated to St Demetrius of Thessalonica. It was renovated in 1070 and dedicated to St Bartholomew. In 1291 Bartolomeo Querini, the Bishop of Castello had a hospice built here for the elderly and the infirm also dedicated to San Bartolomeo. This complex was taken over by the Friars Minor (the Minim Friars) in 1580 They converted the hospice to a monastery eight years later and rebuilt the church in its current form, with the continued patronage of the Querini family. It was consecrated on August 8th 1619. The monastery was suppressed in 1806, became a barracks and was demolished in 1885 to make way for the building of a school.