Chiesa di Santo Spirito

The Church of the Holy Spirit, the oldest in the city, is situated on the city hill. It is a typical example of late Gothic architecture and was erected by the brothers Michele and Giovanni Rabatta between 1398 and 1414. The façade is characterized by a bell gable, a small rose window, two trefoil windows and a prothyrum enriched with the effigies and the coats of arms of the Rabatta family and of the Castelpaganos, as well as the two small stone figures on the sides of the prothyrum, which represent Michele Rabatta and his wife. Inside one can see some small escutcheons with the coats of arms of noble families of the territory and on top of the apse is the Rabatta emblem. Moreover, over the altar is a painting of the Assumption, which dates back to the beginning of the 17th century and is attributed to Domenico Tintoretto, the son of Jacopo