Chiesa di Sant'Agostino

The Sant'Agostino Church is a Romanesque-Gothic-style Roman Catholic church located in Via Cairoli, in Rimini, Italy. It is one of the older extant church buildings in Rimini.
Church front with marble tomb of Gian Battista Paci on the lower right of the facade.
A small parish church or oratory at the site dates to the 1069, originally dedicated to San Giovanni Evangelista. In 1247, with the establishment of monks of the Augustinian order the church was rededicated.
In January 20, 1498, Pandolfo IV Malatesta, then lord of Rimini, sought refuge from a conspiracy to assassinate him called the congiura degli Adimari. He was rescued by some followers, and the conspirators were hung from the walls of the nearby Rocca.
The building was refurbished in 1618 through 1626. In 1797, after the suppression of the order, the church served as cathedral from 1798 to 1809, then it became again the parish church of San Giovanni Evangelista. The reconstruction of the convent, begun in 1787 with designs by Giuseppe Achilli, was never completed. The facade also remains incomplete in brick. On the left of the outer wall of the facade, a marble monument holds the remains of Gian Battista Paci, cavaliere di Santo Stefano, who died in 1615. A 55 meter bell-tower with a pyramidal top is at the rear of the church.