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GetCOO | Chiesa di Santa Maria Nuova

Chiesa di Santa Maria Nuova

First recorded in 1285, the church was almost entirely rebuilt in 1568, when the portal and double staircase and fountain were added. At the side of the church there are still an original 14th century portal and 2 arches. Inside it preserves a 15th century choir, a gonfalon by Benedetto Bonfigli and a 17th century altar of the “Compagnia degli Ultramontani”, a French and German community living in Perugia. The church once housed works by Perugino, now in London and at the National Gallery of Umbria, by the Alunno, by Fiorenzo di Lorenzo, and by Giannicola di Paolo, now at the Louvre. The bell-tower, added in 1644, perhaps to a design by Galeazzo Alessi, is visible from the adjacent convent.