Chiesa di San Sisto

San Sisto is a church in Genoa,located near the railway station of Genova Piazza Principe. A Romanesque church was built here from 1088 to 1093 to commemorate a victory on August 6, 1087 by the navies of Genoa and Pisa against a raiding Arab fleet; since PopeSixtus II was honored on that date, the church was dedicated to him. The church belonged to the Benedictine Order of monks allied with Sacra di San Michele till 1479, except 1217-1241. After a restoration in the 18th century, the church was completely razed and rebuilt in 1825, to make way for the road, now via Antonio Gramsci. Rebuilt in Neoclassicism style in 1827 by designs of Giovanni Battista Resasco and Pietro Pellegrini.