Chiesa di San Salvatore

The church of San Salvatore, the oldest in Terni, is located in the homonymous Largo San Salvatore, near Piazzale Europa, in front of the town hall of Terni. The church is a remarkable example of Romanesque architecture generally dating from the eleventh century.
Outside the church is a small stone-built building composed of two volumes: a longitudinal body with two spans and a central plan body covered by a dome in which a rectangular-shaped apse with a barrel vault covered with a sloping roof as an ideal continuation of the longitudinal body. The façade has a single-arch with recessed arches and a double-ringed portal vertically aligned, while in the upper part the tympanum is crowned by a hanging arbor that also runs on the side walls.
Inside there are interesting evidence of frescoes belonging to different painters and eras, from the fourteenth to the sixteenth century.