Chiesa di San Michele Arcangelo ai Minoriti

The regular Minorite priests came to Catania in 1625 thanks to the
protection of the Senate and the engagement of the bishop Innocenzo
In 1628 they moved to the church of Saint Michele building a house,
which, together with the hardly started church, was destroyed in 1693.
Giambattista Paternò, an aristocratic of the town, bequeathed the priests
with much of his fortune. The church was built then following the pattern
of the basilica with three naves divided from pillars, the flat prospectus
and the dome which was started in 1771 and completed in 1787.
The façade is of very white limestone creating a magnificent contrast
with the black colour of the streets and pavements. Inside there is a
double staircase with 13 marble steps; there you can also find two holy
water springs resting on marble tables, amazing works because of the
technical skill and harmony of composition.