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GetCOO | Chiesa di San Gregorio

Chiesa di San Gregorio

Founded in 806 and given to Benedictine monks in 989 who founded an abbey here in 1160. The current church dates from the mid-15th Century and is by Antonio di Cremona. It's closely modelled on the nearby church of the Carità with its 3 part Gothic façade, but has long since lost the finials that the façades shared, visible in the detail from the Canaletto painting. Has a triple-apse facing onto a canal at the rear. Built into the façade of the canonica to the right of the church’s façade is an arch from a 14th Century funerary monument, visible in the film stillbelow. The skin of Marcantonio Bragadin, flayed alive by the Turks in 1571, was kept here before being moved to S. Zanipolo in 1596