Chiesa di San Francesco

Chiesa di San Francesco is a church in Orvieto, Umbria, Italy. It was consecrated in 1266. It belongs to the Roman Catholic Diocese of Orvieto-Todi.
The Franciscans established a hermitage near Orvieto in the early 13th century and built the present church in 1234. It was consecrated as SS Francesco e Ambrogio in memory of Ambrose of Massa who had died in 1240. After being enlarged in 1264, the church was consecrated simply to San Francesco in 1266 by Pope Clement IV. Until the duomo was completed in 1290, it was the largest church in Orvieto.
The building is typical of Franciscan churches of the period with a single nave, a quadrangular apse and a trussed wooden roof. The interior was altered in the second half of the 16th century when altars were placed along the lateral walls. The original facade has been heavily restored. Its rose window has been replaced but the sculpted marble portal survives intact. The interior originally took the form of a hall church but was redesigned in 1773 when colonnades were added to provide for side chapels.