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GetCOO | Chiesa di San Fiorenzo

Chiesa di San Fiorenzo

The first church to commemorate San Fiorenzo was built here in the 8th century. The church first belonged to the Cluniac order (11 th century), then the Cistercians (13 th century) and finally to the “Serviti” (from 1444). The church, originally built in the Gothic style, was totally altered between 1763 and 1770. It houses the tomb of the great Perugian architect Galeazzo Alessi, who was born and raised in a house nearby. The church is home to a gonfalon by Benedetto Bonfigli (15 th century), mannerist frescoes, and a splendid 17th century “Morettini” organ. The Madonna Ansideiby Raffaello, now in London, was once in this church.