Chiesa di San Domenico

The Church of San Domenico is located in the historical center of Matera and it was built in 1230 by the order of the Predicatorial Fathers.
It has a Romanic facade where you can find an elegant rose-window called “wheel of fortune”. Inside the wheel a dog is holding a torch in its mouth thus representing the Dominican order while around the wheel there is a Telamone in the lowest part, two deacons on both sides and San Michele Archangel on the top.
The church is divided into nave and aisles and it has undergone various changes such as the stucco decorations of the walls and the building of the Chapel of the Rosario. Inside the church you can find important masterpieces like the high altar with a statue in papier maché representing the Rosario Holy Maid, on the paintings and an organ dated 1600.