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GetCOO | Chiesa di San Carlo dei Lombardi

Chiesa di San Carlo dei Lombardi

Originally a chapel to St Anne, then the church of San Michele, and now called San Carlo, this church was built at the expense of the Company of the Laudesi to provide the consecrated altar not yet present in their grain market/tabernacle of Orsanmichele opposite. It was built 1349 to 1352 by Neri di Fioraventi and Benci di Cionne at the same time as Orcagna's new tabernacle in Orsanmichele. This pair had worked on the rebuilding of Orsanmichele in 1337 and later went on to supervise new projects at the Duomo between 1365 and 1367. The work here was continued by Simone di Francesco Talentini late in the 14th Century and this complete rebuilding was completed in 1404.