Chiesa di San Biagio detta di Sant'Agata alla Fornace

The Church of St. Biagio is located in Stesicoro Square right in front of
the large trench with ruins of the amphitheatre. The façade, preceded by a
flight of steps, is of the late 1700. The origin of this church dates back to
1098. After the earthquake of 1693 the church was rebuilt under the will
of the bishop Andrea Riggio who incorporated to it the church of St.
Biagio, to whom the church was dedicated and named after. The
presbytery contains two chapels, one dedicated to the Crucifix (left) and
one dedicated to Saint Agata. In this chapel it is worshiped a precious
relic that tradition associates to the martyrdom of the Saint patron of
Catania, the so-called “furnace” of Saint Agata, from which the Church
derived its popular denomination of “la carcarella”. The “furnace” is
protected by a glass; a Latin inscription recalls us about one the most
dramatic times in Agata’s life, the torture of the red- hot coal, we read in
fact in the inscription: “Here she was swept away by the red-hot coals.”