Chiesa di Badia Fiorentina

The Benedictine abbey here was founded and endowed in 978 by Willa, the widow of Hubert, Margrave of Tuscia (Tuscany), then a province of the Frankish empire, in his memory. The attached church of Santo Stefano was enlarged in 1284-1310, probably by Arnolfo di Cambio, then entirely rebuilt in 1627, to a plan by Matteo Segaloni, with the consequent destruction of frescos by Giotto and Masaccio and the rotation of the church's axis through 90°. Currently the church belongs to the Fraternity of Jerusalem, a French monastic order founded in the 1970s. There is no real façade (see right), but the entrance portal (like the entrance from via Dante Alighieri) is by Benedetto da Rovezzano (1495) .