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GetCOO | Chiesa del Gesù e dei Santi Ambrogio e Andrea

Chiesa del Gesù e dei Santi Ambrogio e Andrea

The original building, erected in the 6th century, was dedicated to Ambrose, the Bishop of Milan who took refuge in Genoa after fleeing the sacking of his city at the hands of the Lombard King Alboin. The current building dates to the 16th century and is the work of Jesuit priests.The opulent interior, an important example of Genoa's Baroque era, features a wealth of gold, stucco work and polychrome marble cladding the pillars, chapels, pulpit and floor. Worth noting are the frescoes by Giovanni and Giovanni Battista Carlone (1625 - 28), as well as two works by Rubens (The Circumcision and The Miracle of Sant'Ignazio ) and The Assumption, a masterpiece by Guido Reni.