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GetCOO | Chiesa dei Teatini

Chiesa dei Teatini

The church of St. Mary of Pity, more commonly called the Theatines, is a Catholic place of worship which is located in Ferrara, Corso della Giovecca. It was built for the Order of St. Cajetan of Thiene (Theatines) by architect Luca Danese between 1622 and 1635. The building is spread over an entire city block and has austere architectural lines, while the façade has remained unfinished and shows toothing for a never applied stone cladding. Inside, among other works of art, the Purification of Mary (1654-1655) by Guercino. The marbles used in the interior ornaments comes in part from the demolished Delizia Estense di Belfiore (one of the famous Villas of the dukes of Ferrara).