Cattedrale Metropolitana di San Pietro

Bologna Cathedral (Italian: Cattedrale Metropolitana di San Pietro, Cattedrale di Bologna), dedicated to Saint Peter, is the cathedral of Bologna in Italy, and the seat and the metropolitan cathedral of the Archbishop of Bologna. Most of the present building dates from the 17th century, with a few parts from the late 16th century.

The present interior is emphatically Baroque, giving an impression of majesty and grandeur. Among the works of art are an Annunciation by Ludovico Carracci (a fresco in the central lunette of the presbytery), a Romanesque Crucifixion in cedarwood, and a sculptured group in terracotta depicting the Compianto su Cristo morto ("Lament over the Dead Christ"), by Alfonso Lombardi, of the early 16th century. In the apse are early 20th-century paintings by Cesare Mauro Trebbi (1847–1931) including Saint Anne in Glory.

The early campanile with the circular base has never been rebuilt, although from the 13th century onwards it has often been suggested that it should be, and the ancient internal structure is still visible.
The bell tower accommodates the bell known as "La Nonna", which at a weight of 3300 kilograms is the largest bell that can be rung by the Bolognese method of bell-ringing.