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GetCOO | Casa dei Cavalieri di Rodi

Casa dei Cavalieri di Rodi

The Casa dei Cavalieri di Rodi (House of the Knights of Rhodes) is a building in Rome. Sited in the ruins of the Forum of Augustus, it was built by the Knights Hospitaller at the end of the 13th century and since 1946 has been used by their successors, the Sovereign Military Order of Malta. The Forum of Augustus and Temple of Mars Ultor were probably destroyed by earthquakes in the 5th century. In the medieval era it was known by several names - the forum itself as Foro transitorio, Foro di Nerva and Foro di San Basilio, and the temple as Palatium Traiani Imperatoris (palace of emperor Trajan) or the temple of Nerva ('tempio di Nerva').