Cappella del Crocifisso | Cattedrale della Resurrezione


The church which is wide and full of light, shows a latin cross plan and it has three naves supported by pillars of Corinthian order and by marble columns with decorated capitals (re-used after the demolition of basilica Ursiana).


Right nave: the main chapels
The so-called chapel of the Crucifix: a sarcophagus (5th cent.) is placed here as an altar, it is from the destroyed church of St Agnes (located in the actual piazza Kennedy). On the front the figure of Christ appears in a praying attitude while handing the rolls of the Laws to St Peter, holding a cross, and St Paul, holding a book. On the sides there are two palms symbol of martyrdom and christian victory. The urn contains the relics of the two archbishops Esuperantio and Maximian – the latter ones were kept in the church of St Andrew.