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GetCOO | Archivio di Stato di Mantova

Archivio di Stato di Mantova

The State Archive of Mantua is in the ex Jesuit convent, a building that includes Gambulini Tower and the Church of S.S. Trinità now the main deposit.

In the old convent’s rooms there are more than 27 km of shelves that contain the documentary patrimony of Mantua and of its territory. Some rooms have even nineteenth-century shelves that do very well their job even though they are two hundred-year old.

The State Archive was created in 1868 but there are documents of the eleventh century when the Canossa family ruled in Mantua, of the period of the Comuni, of the Bonacolsi and Gonzaga families, of the Napoleonic period, of the Austrian domination and of the Italian Monarchy until the Republican days (current period).

In the modern building, developed in the ex church of S.S. Trinità, the most important documents are preserved with sophisticated systems that control air and humidity and with strict security measures.

There are a lot of well catalogued and aligned binders and envelopes that contain the documents of Gonzaga’s archives (1328÷1707), one of the most complete archive of one of the families who ruled in Europe. It is a precious documentation about history, politics, economics, administration, and art of Mantua. This property counts more than one hundred thousand pieces of paper (envelopes, general records, volumes and files), more than six thousand parchments and around fourteen thousand maps and drafts, not mention seals, coins and prints. Moreover, it has a library with more than fourteen thousand items: volumes, pamphlets, reviews, audiovisuals, and compact-discs. It has also a reading room where it is possible to have a look to the texts.