La cappella della Madonna del Sudore | Cattedrale della Resurrezione


It is located in the right arm of the transept. It was erected in 1630 as a vow of the town in the hope of holding back plague that, actually, didn’t touch Ravenna even if it had spread in all Italy. The chapel was consecrated in 1659. Around the year 1759, it was enriched with an altar designed by Domenico Barbiani from Ravenna and with a glory of angels carved by Pietro Bracci in Carrara marble in 1752. He designed also the Tabernacle which contains a little tablet depicting The Virgin carrying the Baby in her arms . It dates back to 14th century and it is by Giotto’s school in Rimini. The dome is frescoed by Giovanbattista Barbiani (1656) and it represents The Virgin between the celestial chorus . The Four Evangelists in the pendentives were frescoed by Andrea Barbiani in 1758. The stuccos are by Pietro Martinetti. In the lateral niches of the chapel there are two monumental sarcophagi standing on lion-paws.